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Brexit and the response from Europe

After the initial shock of the 23 June referendum, famously named “Brexit”, I was curious regarding how Europe and its governing bodies would respond to the world.

Firstly, I have to declare that I have the utmost respect for the European Nations and their people. Europe is far ahead of the rest of the world in many major human endeavours such as healthcare and biomedical research, environmental awareness, architecture, industrial design and even motor vehicles.

On a more serious note, forming the EU was an incredible accomplishment sold on its ideals of breaking the barriers between countries to create more freedom, security and fairness for its citizens. Not only is this a wonderful utopian image, it is also a vision that its people could use as great inspiration to flourish and strive under this umbrella of unique countries linked within a common, secure and democratic organization.

One has to admire the political vision of the European Union creators. I am sure there are some reading this article and saying, “have you been to Southern Europe lately?” Or “do you believe all the political rhetoric and dogma from central, blood sucking bankers?” Well, let me set the record straight, I didn’t come down in the last shower, as I know that the European Union’s currency of choice is of a fiat nature like the US dollar.