By: Mandi Rafsendjani On: December 11, 2016 In: Most Popular Comments: 0

If you stopped to think about your trading right now, how would you feel? If you’re honest with yourself, do you really believe that you can make a great income trading full time and still enjoy an abundant lifestyle?

Or do you believe it is possible for others, but maybe not for you? That perhaps you don’t have the education, or the support, or that you’re just not lucky, smart, old, young, experienced, or deserving enough? This stress has the potential to add a lot of pressure, thus clouding your ability to make good decisions.

During tough times it is possible to feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Many traders feel disappointed in their inability to succeed. Some may even feel like a fraud and secretly ashamed of struggling after having told their family and friends that they would succeed as a trader.

If you’ve been through tough times, or if you’re currently going through tough times, you know exactly what I mean. After struggling for years, many traders start questioning whether success is even a possibility for them. They get stressed out after working long nights and weekends, trying their hardest to get on top of the trading challenges. However, when success finally does appear, it is exhilarating but never long lasting.

The cycle goes on and on, until one day they resign to the notion that they just can’t have what they want, thus willing to give up on their passion of trading and their dream of a better future.