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In previous articles I have explained how Australia is on the verge of collapse!

The cycle chart of Australia clearly indicates this.  This country is run by too many fools that actually work for the United Nations.  Australia has more rules and regulations than any other country.  It also has the highest cost of living.  For example, I have all my dental work done in Moscow. A few months ago, I had three fillings plus a clean for $160.00.  A coffee is $2.35; electricity is $90 in a one bedroom unit for a three-month period; the underground train is $0.70 and a taxi ride for twenty minutes is only $4.00.  Keep in mind that Moscow is the most expensive city in Russia.  In addition to the low costs compared to Australia, there are no homeless people in the city, no gangs or graffiti.  In my six trips to Moscow, I have never once witnessed an argument nor seen someone with tattoos.  The restaurants are inexpensive as well.

I have a number of friends living in Asia like kings – they rent out their Australian property.  Savvy businesses don’t have anything produced in Australia anymore, as it is so much cheaper overseas.  It appears as though the smart money has already left.

The Australian debt clock is nearly $7 trillion dollars. In fact, it is more than $7 trillion as you have to pay 30% tax to pay it off.  Considering that only about a third of the population works, dividing up the debt means the dollar amount per person is much higher than what they are projecting.  The economy isn’t doing well as politicians claim because they are not taking into account the massive debt.  Most people show off what they seem to have, but are hiding their debt, taxes & interest owed.

If you owe one million dollars on a house in Sydney, it’s really $1.3 million.  $300,000 tax to pay it off plus the interest.  Interest over 40 years has averaged 10 per cent, but has been as high as 20 per cent in the 1980’s.  This is how they keep you as ‘Your Straw Man’, a concept explained in previous articles (which you receive for free with a three-year subscription).

People believe they are making money out of real estate, however, they are generally not based on the averages.  For example: if you bought a house in Brisbane in 1970 for $11,000 and compound it to 2016 at 10 per cent (the average cost of money over 40 years), it should be worth over $850,000. However, it is only worth $520,000.  That is not taking into account the cost of rates/repairs/insurance etc.  Those who have a number of properties negatively geared then have to pay capital gains tax of 50 per cent.  The word ‘mortgage’ is disturbingly, French for ‘death pledge’ or ‘death do we part’.

Now what the governments do is lie (about everything) but specifically, stating that inflation is running at 2 per cent.  This is incorrect as they have taken out food and oil for 20 years ago, therefore it is actually 10 per cent.  They spew more lies about employment, as they don’t include people on benefits, part time positions or the ‘fake’ jobs they create in government departments that no one needs such as the ABC + BOM, costing a billion each per year.

Go to, but remember these don’t include false government costs such as increases in electricity prices.  For compounding money calculator, visit the ‘Money Chimp’ website.

When sunspots are low, a depression is the result.  This was the main cause of the 1932 ‘Dust Bowl’.

Low sunspots, as explained in many previous articles, produce colder and drier conditions such as the mini ice ages in 1650 to 1715 as well as 1810 to 1815.  The one now is also due to last for 20 years as the table indicates.

First Saturn and Pluto are at zero degrees in Sagittarius, which rules banking.  This means a lot of financial problems are imminent.  Saturn moves into Capricorn in 2020 and Aquarius in 2022, staying there until 2025. This indicates very cold weather.  Pluto goes into cold degrees in 2020 and stays there for 20 years, which will lead to more crop failures and then famines.

By 2022 we are 90 years from the 1932 depression as well.

If you are not out of debt by 2021, you are stuffed.



Of course with all this debt around the world and banks not safe, a person will have to turn to something and looks like its gold as a safe haven due to cycles due to run up until 2025/26.

In 2022, Neptune is inflation and moves into Pisces- a sign ruled by Jupiter. Pluto in Capricorn being an earth sign is mining, so gold looks like a long-term investment. In 1781 gold went to $19,000 an ounce when the continental currencies collapsed, this is going to happen again, but who knows where gold will end up, could be three times that high.

I have also shared with this article a sunspots and gold table from 1781 and my gold chart from my software with time counts on it.


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