Don’t Let Distractions Cheat You Out of Your Dreams

When I was in my corporate role, I was 100% sure that hard work was the key. I slugged it out, working 8, then 10, then 12 hour days. I said ‘no’ to friends who wanted to meet me for dinner. Without attention, those relationships began to slink away in the night, unappreciated for their rarity.

I said ‘yes’ to my boss far too often and ‘no’ to my family who wanted to see more of me.

We all have value and worth and it’s great to be paid for it. There’s no need to apologise for this. But if you’re not currently being paid what you’re worth, then you don’t need to work harder – you need to find something different.

I don’t want you to beat yourself up if your primary source of income isn’t giving you the riches you crave. I just want you to give yourself some choices by trying something that’s different… like trading.

If you haven’t mastered it – I dare you to take one small incremental step towards this goal. I bet you’ll never look back.

One thing that’s certain – Those who succeed make success a priority in their lives. Most people sit on a huge ice block, and hope their body heat will slide them downhill on the slope of success. You can see how well that’s going for the majority.

I believe when you strip away everything else such as talent, skills, resources etc.- the answer to success is self-management.

We all make choices. Some are easy. Some are hard. Others are just plain wrong. To succeed, you must ignore immediate gratification and concentrate on the actions you can take to reach your goals.

The trouble is, we can cheat a little on our dreams every day, and no-one will notice. Cheating becomes a habit, and before you know it, another day has slipped past.

And I’m not perfect with this either. Sometimes I vague out, or forget to check my list of ‘must do’s’ and consequently a morning slips by. The easy option is taken. The fun stuff completed first instead of last. You know what I’m talking about.

So, Where Does This Leave You?

Firstly, I applaud the fact that you’re here, working as hard on your own psyche as you do on your trading plan. You’re amongst friends. Your presence here means you’re a cut above those who think success is either inherited or doesn’t require focus.

Your goal is to align your thoughts, behaviours and actions with your priorities. And that is the key to self-management.

Be bold and aggressive, not scared and passive.

Louise Bedford ( is a full-time private trader and author of several best-selling books including –The Secret of Candlestick Charting, Charting Secrets and Trading Secrets. To pick up her free trading plan template, register on her website and she’ll send it to you straight away.


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