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Most YTE readers are familiar with Gann’s 360-degree chart, Square of 9 and Hexagonal chart. They are all seasonal charts; however, Gann was only showing one-dimensional Charts.

In fact, they are a declination chart, not a date chart like 21st March. The 21st March just happens to be zero degrees declination. The dates and declination were both in line in 321 A.D. There’s the Perihelion and Aphelion seasonal charts, the precession of equinox charts, and the lunar charts- of course there’s more to this on a bigger scale.

The seasonal dates as you would know are:

20th March, 6th May, 21st June, 23rd July, 7th August, 23rd September, 7th November,

22nd November, 22nd December and 4th February.

Perihelion and Aphelion seasonal dates are:

3rd January, 16th February, 2nd April, 3rd May,19th May, 4th July, 21st August,

5th September, 6th October and 20th November.

There are a few codes in these dates: On 3rd January 1927, there was a solar eclipse at Perihelion, which is the year W.D. Gann’s book “The Tunnel thru the Air” was written.

Also, 6th October was Marie Stanton’s birthday in 1908, which is 19 years to 1927.

4th July is US Independence Day and 120 degrees is the election date and 240 degrees was when the President used to take office.

The sidereal seasonal dates are:

14th April, 30th May, 16th July, 17th August, 1st September, 17th October, 1st December,

16th December, 14th January and 27th February. This is what Hindus use today.

The above shows three-dimensional moves. Gann always spoke about timing being four dimensional or the fourth dimension.

The Lunar charts and the Ingress charts for the year, quarterly ingress charts and winter and summer charts for the growing of commodities.

We can’t do all the charts, but for the winter chart the Hindus used mostly Sun into Taurus and summer Sun into Scorpio.

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David Burton has been studying the methods of W.D. Gann since 1983 as the methods of Indigo Jones. W.D. Gann also studied sunspots cycles and their effects on commodity markets. W.D. Gann went to India with Sepharial, therefore he clearly knew more about Hindu astrology than he ever expressed. David has been using the Hindu methods for weather, markets and horse racing as written about in previous articles.

He’s spent the last year working on the only “Pure Gann” software in the world. Stage One is nearly completed, there will be a few more stages, then there will be a weather and horse racing program over the next few years.